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Sunday November 19, 2017
15:02Some Instacart workers to strike over pay that can be as low as $1 per ...
Enlarge / Kaitlin Myers, a shopper for Instacart, studies her smartphone as she shops for a customer at Whole Foods in Denver. Myers received a grocery list for a shopper and then completed the shopping on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. (credit: Denver Post Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon) OAKLAND, Calif. ...   Ars Technica
14:00What I learned visiting my first live eSports tournament
Kyle Orland At this point, I don't have much patience for the argument that eSports fans should stop watching other people play video games and just play those games themselves. For one, it's an argument that few people make about spectator sports like basketball and football, where the skill difference between a pro and a novice is roughly the same as in eSports. ...   Ars Technica
12:41How an unpaid UK researcher saved the Japanese seaweed industry
Enlarge / A nori farm off the coast of Japan. (credit: H. Grobe) The tasty Japanese seaweed nori is ubiquitous today, but that wasn't always true. Nori was once called “lucky grassî because every year's harvest was entirely dependent on luck. Then, during World War II, luck ran out. No nori would grow off the coast of Japan, and farmers were distraught. ...   Ars Technica
Saturday November 18, 2017
12:00Pandemic Legacy: Season 2—The world’s “best board gameî gets better
Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at How do you follow the most popular board game ever made? In a world where three separate versions of Smurfs Monopoly exist, Pandemic Legacy: Season One (PL:S1) isn’t the biggest-selling game of all time—but it has topped the popularity charts at Board ...   Ars Technica
11:30Pentagon contractor leaves social media spy archive wide open on Amazon
(credit: Wikipedia) A Pentagon contractor left a vast archive of social-media posts on a publicly accessible Amazon account in what appears to be a military-sponsored intelligence-gathering operation that targeted people in the US and other parts of the world. The three cloud-based storage buckets contained at least 1. ...   Ars Technica
10:30Iconic hacker booted from conferences after sexual misconduct claims...
Enlarge / John Draper, seen here in 2011. (credit: campuspartycolombia) John Draper, a legendary figure in the world of pre-digital phone hacking known as 'phreaking,' has been publicly accused of inappropriate sexual behavior going back nearly two decades. ...   Ars Technica
Friday November 17, 2017
22:20Weekend code warriors prepare to clash in Codewarz
Enlarge / Obviously a Codewarz competitor. (credit: Alain Daussin/Getty Images) If you didn't have any weekend plans yet—or maybe even if you did—and you're interested in scratching your programming itch, there's something to add to your calendar. ...   Ars Technica
20:30Dealmaster: The Black Friday tech deals that might actually be worth...
Enlarge / Get ready for lots of ads like this. (credit: Best Buy) Update (9/19/2017 11:20 AM ET): Updated to mark various deals that have gone live since this article's publication. Original post: Brace yourself for Walmart fights and snarky tweets about capitalism, because Black Friday is nearly here. ...   Ars Technica
20:24How to fix a program without the source code? Patch the binary directly
Enlarge (credit: Flickr user: Ivan T) When a company like Microsoft needs to fix a security flaw in one of its products, the process is normally straightforward: determine where the bug lies, change the program's source code to fix the bug, and then recompile the program. But it looks like the company had to step outside this typical process for one of the flaws it patched this Tuesday. ...   Ars Technica
19:45Hairy situation: DC’s rail system may be taken down by human shedding
Enlarge / The DC Metro, when it's not on fire. (credit: Getty | Bill Clark) For residents of our nation’s capital, news of a fire on the city’s rapid transit system—the Washington Metro—is not surprising. It catches fire and smokes quite regularly. At some points last year, there were reports of more than four fires per week (although there’s some dispute about that rate). ...   Ars Technica
18:42Argentine Navy diesel sub disappears, NASA plane joins in search
NASA The US Navy and NASA have joined the search for an Argentine Armada (navy) diesel-electric attack submarine—the ARA San Juan (S-42)—and its crew of 44 sailors missing in the Southern Argentine Sea. The last contact with the TR-1700 class sub, built in 1983 by the German shipbuilder Thyssen Nordseewerke, was on November 15. ...   Ars Technica
18:33Tax bill that passed the House would cripple training of scientists
Enlarge / Whatever you made in that flask, it's going to cost you. (credit: Oak Ridge National Lab) Yesterday, the US House of Representatives passed its version of a tax bill that would drop corporate tax rates and alter various deductions. ...   Ars Technica
17:30Man gets threats—not bug bounty—after finding DJI customer data in...
Enlarge / A security researcher says he was trying to play fair with DJI's bug bounty program. DJI calls him a hacker who exposed customer data. DJI, the Chinese company that manufactures the popular Phantom brand of consumer quadcopter drones, was informed in September that developers had left the private keys for both the 'wildcard' certificate for all the company's Web domains and the ...   Ars Technica
17:15The world of Skyrim is thrilling and flawed in VR [Updated]
Enlarge / The disembodied hand of fate falls on you, tree! Since consumer-grade virtual reality became a thing last year, there has been some criticism over the lack of lengthy, meaty VR experiences that can draw players in an epic story for dozens of hours. ...   Ars Technica
17:02New Tesla Roadster sounds impressive, but it’s not the only game in...
Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) On Thursday night, Elon Musk upstaged his own semi truck launch with the news that Tesla is going to build a new performance car, the Roadster. The specs certainly have the Internet ablaze this morning: a 200kWh battery and 620-mile (1,000km) range, 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, the standing quarter-mile in 8.9 seconds, and a top speed of 250mph. ...   Ars Technica
16:55Apple’s HomePod speaker isn’t coming out this year
Enlarge / Look at this happy couple enjoying voice commands and high quality audio in their home! (credit: Apple) In a statement to CNBC this morning, Apple said its HomePod smart speaker will be released in 2018, not by the end of this year as originally announced. ...   Ars Technica
16:51Bitcoin is hitting new highs—here’s why it might not be a bubble
Enlarge (credit: Bullion Vault) In early September, one Bitcoin was worth almost $5,000. Then the Chinese government cracked down on cryptocurrency investments, and Bitcoin's value plunged 40 percent in a matter of days, reaching a low below $3,000. But Bitcoin bounced back. By early November, one Bitcoin was worth almost $8,000. ...   Ars Technica
16:10Robocalls from spoofed Caller IDs may soon be blocked by phone...
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | vladru) Phone companies are now authorized to be more aggressive in blocking robocalls before they reach customers' landlines or mobile phones, but you might have to pay for the new blocking capabilities. ...   Ars Technica
15:11Swiss lab develops genetic tool kit to turn any cell into a tumor...
Enlarge / T cells latch on to a cancer cell before killing it. (credit: NIH) We've made some impressive advances toward inducing the immune system to attack cancers. One of these techniques, using CAR-T cells, is amazing. CAR-T cells are made by inserting receptors that recognize cancerous cells into a leukemia patient’s own T cells. ...   Ars Technica
15:01First-ever marijuana overdose death? Let’s review what “potential...
Enlarge / Even this baby is annoyed. (credit: Getty | VW Pics) The US Drug Enforcement Administration plainly reports that no death from an overdose of marijuana has ever been reported—a tidbit often repeated by cannabis enthusiasts when discussing the potential harms of the popular drug. But this week, many news outlets coughed up headlines saying that the famous fact had gone up in smoke. ...   Ars Technica
13:32Apple reportedly working with Intel to put 5G modem in future iPhones
Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon) While it will be some time before 5G LTE becomes standard, Apple is thinking ahead about how to best incorporate 5G technology into its iPhones. According to a Fast Company report, Apple has been working with Intel to incorporate the chipmaker's 5G modems in future iPhones while talks with Qualcomm, the world's biggest modem supplier, have been 'limited. ...   Ars Technica
13:28Converting natural gas to hydrogen without any carbon emissions
Enlarge / Hard to believe that this stuff could cut carbon emissions. (credit: Department of Energy) The boom in natural gas production has been essential to the drop in carbon emissions in the US, as methane, the primary component of natural gas, releases more energy for each carbon atom when burned than other fossil fuels. ...   Ars Technica
12:00Justice League review: Who will avenge these shortchanged heroes?
Enlarge / Someone is (thankfully) missing here, and his name rhymes with 'hot-mud-sand.' (credit: Warner Bros.) This week's feature-length Justice League film benefits as much as it suffers from a 'can't get any worse' reputation. ...   Ars Technica
10:30Star Wars: Battlefront II review: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope,...
Enlarge / The pull of the Force is strong with things like an impeccably rendered Millennium Falcon. (I mean, gosh, that's purty.) But Star Wars: Battlefront II can't paint over most of its failings. (credit: EA / DICE) I've tried to give the new video game Star Wars: Battlefront II a fair shake, and I tried to do so through three types of fandom, at that. ...   Ars Technica
09:03If NYPD cops want to snoop on your phone, they need a warrant, judge...
Enlarge (credit: Sergi Reboredo/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Images) A New York state judge has concluded that a powerful police surveillance tool known as a stingray, a device that spoofs legitimate mobile phone towers, performs a 'search' and therefore requires a warrant under most circumstances. ...   Ars Technica
04:24Tesla promises a new wicked-fast $200,000 Roadster
Tesla HAWTHORNE, CALIF.—At tonight's Tesla Semi event we got a lot more than a vague truck design. After a short presentation of the Semi's intended specs, one of the trucks backed onto the stage and a new red Roadster rolled out. 'The foundation of the whole company was the Roadster,' Musk told the crowd of employees. ...   Ars Technica
03:29A first look at Tesla’s promised electric semi
Tesla HAWTHORNE, CALIF.—On Thursday evening, a couple of months later than originally promised, Tesla showed the world its first proper look at the company's heavy duty electric vehicle, the Tesla Semi. The tractor can hook up with any trailer; no brand-specific trailer is necessary. ...   Ars Technica
01:40After fan outcry, EA kicks real-money purchases out of Battlefront II
Enlarge / Perhaps Star Wars: Battlefront II won't go down in flames after a major EA about-face. (credit: Electronic Arts) Just hours before Star Wars Battlefront II's retail launch Friday, Electronic Arts and developer DICE announced that they are 'turning off all in-game purchases... and all progression will be earned through gameplay. ...   Ars Technica
00:00Apple’s iOS 11.1.2 fixes the cold weather input bug on the iPhone X
Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon) Apple released iOS 11.1.2 for iPhones and iPads this afternoon. It's a minor, bug-fix update that benefits iPhone X users who encountered issues after acquiring the new phone just under two weeks ago. iOS 11.1.2's patch notes are short and sweet. The update fixes just two problems. ...   Ars Technica
Thursday November 16, 2017
23:05Comcast wants to get bigger, again, has begun talks with 21st Century...
(credit: Comcast) Comcast and Verizon have each, separately, approached 21st Century Fox about buying part of the company, according to several news reports. Comcast already owns NBCUniversal and numerous regional sports networks. Adding part of 21st Century Fox would give Comcast even more programming to pair with the nation's largest cable broadband and TV network. ...   Ars Technica
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Saturday November 18, 2017
14:54HY-Plugins updates HY-SeqCollection, HY-Delay3 and HY-MBMFX
HY-Plugins has updated HY-SeqCollection to version 1.1.1, HY-Delay3 to version 1.1.2, and HY-MBMFX to version Changes (HY-SeqCollection): Added mod value min/range setting. Now when [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:57Sugar Audio updates Filterizor 2D/3D Multi Channel Equalizer, Filter & ...
Sugar Audio has updated Filterizor Q Pro & Free - the multi channel equalizer, filter & effect VST, VST3, AU & AAX audio plug-in - to version 1.2.1. Sugar Audio have implemented some [Read More]   KVR Audio
Friday November 17, 2017
16:42Abbey Road releases Topline - Free recording app for iOS
Abbey Road recently released their first ever app, Topline, a simple recording app for iOS available now for free in the App Store. Abbey Road worked closely with emerging songwriters and producers [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:04Rast Sound releases Rare Instruments Bundle with special pricing
Rast Sound has announced the release of the Rare Instruments Bundle with 6 instrument (percussive, string and wind) libraries from around the world with special pricing. This bundle is designed [Read More]   KVR Audio
10:25Radium audio updates Radium Music Editor to v5.3.0
Radium Audio has updated Radium for Linux, macOS, and Windows to v5.3.0. Radium is a vertical music editor. It's inspired by trackers, but uses more graphics to show musical data. Radium also [Read More]   KVR Audio
10:19Toontrack updates Superior Drummer to v3.0.3
Toontrack has updated Superior Drummer to v3.0.3, a pretty big update by the look of the change list below. New: MIDI In/Out indicators have been added. A mono setting for Cubase has been added [Read More]   KVR Audio
Thursday November 16, 2017
18:57Big Fish Audio releases "Son Of Grindhouse" loop library
Big Fish Audio & Funk/Soul Productions have announced the release of Son Of Grindhouse, featuring 32 Construction Kits of samples that cover Grindhouse genres ranging from Horror and Sci-Fi [Read More]   KVR Audio
13:35IK Now Shipping iRig Keys I/O - 25 and 49 key controllers with high...
IK Multimedia has announced that iRig Keys I/O, the keyboard controllers with 25 or 49 full-size keys for iOS, Mac and PC, with built-in high definition audio input/output and a large software [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:21Minnetonka Audio SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Encoder now...
Minnetonka Audio has announced that its SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Encoder is now available for Adobe Creative Cloud. The tightly integrated plug-in provides Adobe Creative Cloud users [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:34Korg updates for Gadget for Mac (1.5) & iOS (3. ...
Korg has announced that a major update is now available for 'Korg Gadget', the music production software that also provides more than 30 small synthesizers and drum machines. Three new gadgets [Read More]   KVR Audio
04:33Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Infinity" for Kontakt Player...
Orange Tree Samples has released Evolution Infinity, a retro '80s electric guitar sample library powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. Evolution Infinity is designed to produce clean [Read More]   KVR Audio
Wednesday November 15, 2017
21:12Universal Audio releases UAD Software v9. ...
Universal Audio has released UAD Software v9.4. Alongside the new UA-developed Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor plug-in, this latest software release also offers plug-in titles from UA's direct [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Sunday November 19, 2017
13:07Gismart releases Guitar - Chords, Tabs & Games v3.6.1
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Guitars: Playing the guitar has never been easier with #1 guitar playing app! Learn chords and create music right on you device!
 You’ve just come up with the greatest riff of all time and can’t wait to rock it out. But your trusty Gibson Les Paul...   440Software
10:29Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC releases MorphWiz v1.3.3
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Synthesizers: Keyboard Magazine's November 2011 Key Buy Award! Winner of Electronic Musician's 2011 iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App Editors' Choice Award! Winner of Billboard Music App Awards 2010 Best Music Creation App! Winner of Best App Ever 2010 Award for Best...   440Software
07:52NOIISE releases FLUX:FX by Adrian Belew v1.1
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: FLUX:FX wins the highest Red Dot international design award - 'best of the best' Designed in conjunction with acclaimed musician Adrian Belew, the award-winning FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect processor app for the iPad that lets you...   440Software
05:14Hillel Coren releases OK Piano v1.3
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: A whole new way to make music!! There's no need to understand music theory to make great music. The app allows you to create songs just by tapping a couple of boxes. Layout a rhythm pattern and then play along on a guided keyboard....   440Software
02:37Bryan Duggan releases Tunepal v2.6
iPhone, iPad / Education / Reference: Listed in the top 500 apps of all times by the Sunday Times (6 February 2012) Listed in the top twenty cultural apps for iPhone by the Sunday Times (28 March 2010). Winner of the best overall invention 2010 in the Dublin Institute of Technology. Tunepal...   440Software
00:00Ruben Nine releases M/S Processor v1.8.4
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / Effects: M/S Processor is an Inter-App Audio and Audiobus-compatible iOS application intended for audio professionals requiring Mid/Side (M/S) signal processing. Functionality While the most common use case for M/S Processor is decoding a M/S signal to L/R, the...   440Software
Saturday November 18, 2017
21:22Steve Barden releases Film Scoring Tempo Finder v1.4.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Music Writing: Tempo Finder aids the film composer in the process of selecting the proper tempo to score a cue in a film. By entering the timing notes (SMPTE values) for each hit point in a cue, Tempo Finder will search a range of tempos to select the optimal tempo for...   440Software
19:19Lars Forsberg releases VividTracker v2.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing: New feature: Support for ALLIHOOPA! VividTracker is an Amiga Protracker compatible music maker app. You can load, save, edit, and create new ProTracker modules. Features: 1. Compatible with Protracker modules created on the Amiga 2. Allihoopa support. 3....   440Software
17:39Better Day Wireless releases Ocarina with Songs v1.4.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Winds: Now you can learn to play songs on the OCARINA for free! Blow into your iPhone and make music. Don’t know how to play, that's OK. This app will teach you everything you need to know! What’s an ocarina? Fans of the Nintendo game, Legend of...   440Software
15:59Fonexsis releases Bass Modes Symmetry School v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: If you love music and want to master your bass guitar in perfection like Richard Bona, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Gary Willis, or even better, then you just need to have this app!!! Demo video:...   440Software
14:19Artem Latotin releases Drum Pad Machine - Beat Maker v1.3.3
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Rythme Mach. & Loops: Now that’s easy to be a beatmaker! All you need is Drum Pad Machine and a little imagination. Create music directly on your device, practice, compose tracks, make recordings, and surprise your friends! It’s all in one app! Drum Pad...   440Software
09:18Alexander Andrews releases Waay: Learn music theory v2.3.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Reference: Music theory can be empowering, exciting, and one of the biggest tools in your creative arsenal. Whether you already play an instrument or are just learning, Waay teaches you how to stitch notes together into melodies, chords, and even songs. Read what experts...   440Software
02:37Mancing Dolecules releases Everyday Looper v1.6.1
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: A video is worth a thousand words, you can check a 'thrilling' demo of Everyday Looper here: Everyday Looper allows you to record 4 musical phrases - 6 on an iPad - and loop them right away. You can then mix and merge...   440Software
00:57Gismart releases Real Guitar Pro v3.6.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Guitars: From now on all you need to play guitar is your iPhone or iPad and the #1 guitar playing app - Real Guitar! You’ve just come up with the greatest riff of all time and can’t wait to rock it out. But your trusty Gibson Les Paul or Yamaha is not...   440Software
Friday November 17, 2017
23:17Tropical Layer releases MIDI Notes v1.4
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: Great if you are working with MIDI. MIDI Notes is very similar to a midi keyboard but with the advantage that you are able to configure all notes as you wish, and have multiple configurations ready to play. MIDI Notes send send MIDI packages to different...   440Software
21:37MDecks Music releases Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro v6.14.2
iPhone, iPad / Education / Training: Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is the most INNOVATIVE and EXTENSIVE music tool for musicians out there. This app is invaluable for students of all levels, as well as professional performers, composers, arrangers, and teachers. There are plenty video tutorials and a...   440Software releases Singer's Guitar v1.2.6
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Guitars: Can you play a guitar? No? OK! This is the app for you! Singer's Guitar is the app for all those who is not a guitarist. Once registered chords, you can play a guitar for accompaniment easily. Singer's Guitar has a preset-chords of 500 or more. You have to...   440Software
09:11Fluxama releases Noisemusick v2.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Synthesizers: The Noisemusick app is a collection of three controllable synthesizers that generate interesting chaotic sounds. Have fun creating sonic bedlam, exploring weird soundscapes, or use it to great effect in your live performances and recordings. It's squonky...   440Software
06:50Shoulda Woulda Coulda releases polychord v2.9.3
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: The inspiring musical instrument for beginners and experts alike. Write songs, play music, record and share. Hit any of the chord circles to play a chord. Slide your fingers over the strum keys and play the notes. Go from Major to Minor. Switch Keys....   440Software
Thursday November 16, 2017
23:45Yasar Bozdag releases Dybos Violin Tuner v4.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: Violin Tuner is a tool for tuning musical instrument violin. It can listens to instrument sound with your iPhone microphone and measures the sound frequency produces sample reference sounds when touching the strings on screen gives directives like TIGHTEN...   440Software
21:23PEABODY STUDIO releases Drums Master Live v9.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: The most fun experience in finger drumming to iPhone! Drum pad with acoustic, electronic, percussion and fx sounds. To play live music. features: Multitouch 8 drum pads 8 drum kits 64 realistic drum sounds Studio audio quality Instruments like kick, bass,...   440Software
19:02Springwell Music LLC releases Singscope v2.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: Singscope is a tool for checking the pitch of your singing. It analyzes the singing voice and shows the pitch in the music scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) as function of time. You can visualize your pitch and singing features, such as vibrato, in the scope. Simply tap...   440Software
17:05Studio Six Digital releases LARSA Analyzer v2.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: LARSA, or Loudspeaker And Room System Analyzer, is a powerful impulse response measurement and analysis tool. It is ideally suited for measuring loudspeakers in rooms, multi-speaker setups, car audio systems, home theater systems or larger, installed loudspeaker...   440Software
09:17Mike Hughes releases Easy Tuner * v1.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: Very easy and simple to use musical tuner for all instruments! Tap the key for the note you like to tune your instrument to Choose from 3 octaves and Bb, C, Eb or F transposition Move the slider to choose the duration in seconds of the tuning note This app is...   440Software
07:20Michael Eskin releases Irish Flute Pro - Landscape v1.4
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Winds: Irish Flute Pro is an authentic sounding, simple-system wooden flute that plays in multiple common keys and is fully tuneable up to +/- 50 cents. The app features a two-octave range, realistic finger vibrato effects, and multiple reverb effects options. The...   440Software
05:23Michael Eskin releases Bagpipes Royale v4.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Winds: World of Bagpipes Pro is five extremely realistic sounding sets of bagpipes for the iPad that are played using standard Scottish piping fingerings. The instrument may be transposed up to +/- one octave in semitone increments as well as tuned up to +/- 50 cents....   440Software
03:26Jonathan Mackenzie releases Strange Attractor v2.2.1
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: Strange Attractor is a novel sound generator and effects processor based on chaos theory. At its heart is a feedback system which can spontaneously oscillate, or respond to incoming sounds, processing them into fractal sonic textures. It generates a wide range...   440Software
01:29Alessandro Benedettini releases i-XyloPhone II - HD PRO v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Percussions: Play along Xylophone II for 'kids' of all ages! Powered by 'MyTAPFORCE' technology for detecting touch force! Hit harder for a louder sound! It's really FUN!!! Try it now!!! Compose your songs or play the music game. Two apps in one! Are you ready for...   440Software
Wednesday November 15, 2017
21:35Haathi Software releases Real Tanpura v2.0.2
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Strings: RealTanpura is a simple and easy to use app that brings you high fidelity full-stereo recordings of a real acoustic Tanpura (a drone instrument used in Indian Classical music) recorded in a professional studio environment. Once you get used to the full and...   440Software
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