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Saturday September 23, 2017
16:00Microscopic and in motion
Nikon, one of the leading manufacturers of microscopes, also hosts an annual microscopy competition (and you can use any company's microscopes to enter). We've shared some of our favorite images with you in years past, since they've been every bit as artistic as good photography and, in many cases, reveal important details about the natural world—details that we'd otherwise never be able to ...   Ars Technica
15:00Justice Department goes nuclear on Google in search warrant fight
Enlarge / Close-up of cables and LED lights in the data center of T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. (credit: Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images) The Justice Department is demanding that a federal judge sanction Google for failing to abide by court orders to turn over data tied to 22 e-mail accounts. ...   Ars Technica
14:00After debut, Star Trek: Discovery will only be available on CBS All...
Enlarge / Nichelle Nichols (left, who played Lt. Uhura in The Original Series) and Sonequa Martin-Green (First Officer Michael Burnham) attend the premiere of CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery at The Cinerama Dome on September 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. ...   Ars Technica
13:00Spettacolo: Tension between tradition and the future take center stage ...
Enlarge / In Spettacolo, literally this town's whole world is a stage. (credit: Jeff Malmberg, Chris Shellen) The early moments of Spettacolo, the latest documentary from the team behind the acclaimed 2010 work Marwencol, may cause travel lust. ...   Ars Technica
12:00Is beaming down in Star Trek a death sentence?
Enlarge In the 2009 movie Star Trek, Captain Kirk and Sulu plummeted down toward the planet Vulcan without a parachute. “Beam us up, beam us up!î Kirk shouted in desperation. Then at the last second, after a tense scene of Chekov running top speed to the transporter room, their lives were saved moments before they hit the doomed planet’s rocky surface. ...   Ars Technica
11:00Iceland authorities weighing options after neo-Nazi site registers...
Enlarge / Clouds hover above the surrounding geothermal waters at the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik, Iceland in 2008. (credit: Matt Cardy / Getty Images) For the last six weeks, the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer has struggled to find a permanent domain name. The site lost its original. ...   Ars Technica
10:00PUBG vs. Fortnite: A game-genre copycat face-off heats up
Enlarge / Fortnite's new Battle Royale mode includes this explosive splash screen. (credit: Epic Games) It's inevitable: every time a wildly successful video game comes along, imitators quickly follow in its footsteps. The tradition began with Pong and Pac-Man clones, and that practice has continued on PCs, consoles, and smartphones ever since. ...   Ars Technica
Friday September 22, 2017
20:29Shareholders force Zuckerberg to give up plan for non-voting shares
Enlarge / CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook's 2016 'F8' conference. (credit: Facebook) Mark Zuckerberg is giving up on an audacious plan to sell most of his Facebook shares without diminishing his total control over the company. The plan, which Facebook announced last year, would have given shareholders two new non-voting shares for each voting share they owned. ...   Ars Technica
19:37In spectacular fail, Adobe security team posts private PGP key on blog
Enlarge / Um, yes, that was Adobe PSIRT's private PGP key on their website. Best get their new public key. Having some transparency about security problems with software is great, but Adobe's Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) took that transparency a little too far today when a member of the team posted the PGP keys for PSIRT's e-mail account—both the public and the private ...   Ars Technica
19:167Up gets a new ingredient in Mexico—meth
Enlarge (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) 7Up—the lemon-lime soda sometimes thought to be named for its original seven main ingredients—now has a troubling eighth ingredient in Mexico: methamphetamine. Health professionals in Arizona are warning travelers to the Mexicali area to be aware of possibly contaminated sodas there. ...   Ars Technica
17:45iFixit’s iPhone 8 teardown finds a smaller battery and lots of glue
Enlarge (credit: iFixit) There’s a new iPhone out in the wild, which means there’s a new teardown from iFixit showing everything that’s going on inside Apple’s latest handset. The popular repair site wrapped up its breakdown of the iPhone 8 on Friday, finding that the 8’s internals, unsurprisingly, look a good deal like those of last year’s iPhone 7. ...   Ars Technica
17:11Possible good news about climate change leads to confused coverage
Enlarge (credit: Takver / Flickr) In The Guardian, the headline was “Ambitious 1.5C Paris climate target is still possible, new analysis shows.î But over at Breitbart, readers were told that “Climate Alarmists Finally Admit ‘We Were Wrong About Global Warming.’î Other headlines spanned pretty much the entire range between these two. ...   Ars Technica
16:35Solar panel maker wins trade commission finding, tariff decision to go ...
Enlarge / An employee inspects photovoltaic cells following electrical contact soldering during manufacture at Solarworld AG in Freiberg, Germany, in July 2016. (credit: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg via Getty Images) On Friday, the International Trade Commission (ITC) sided with bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Suniva, voting 4-0 that cheap imported solar panels and modules have harmed domestic ...   Ars Technica
16:00Verizon backtracks—but only slightly—in plan to kick customers off...
Enlarge (credit: Verizon) Verizon Wireless is giving a reprieve to some rural customers who are scheduled to be booted off their service plans, but only in cases when customers have no other options for cellular service. Verizon recently notified 8,500 customers in 13 states that they will be disconnected on October 17 because they used roaming data on another network. ...   Ars Technica
15:51FTC serves health-app maker massive slice of humble pie—and $1.5M bill
(credit: JLS Photography - Alaska) The Pact app was supposed to help users meet weekly goals for exercising and eating veggies. Users that succeeded were promised cash rewards, while those who broke their health “pactî paid penalties. ...   Ars Technica
14:43VW’s California XXL, an amazing camper van that needs to come to the US
Volkswagen I was alerted to this rather awesome-looking Volkswagen California XXL camper van by our policy editor and chief Ars van aficionado David Kravets. Based on the VW Crafter, this is a 21st-century descendent of the iconic VW bus (aka the Bulli/Camper/Kombi/Transporter/Type 2). ...   Ars Technica
13:47Liveblog: Satya Nadella lays out Microsoft’s vision at Ignite
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. (credit: Microsoft) Liveblog starts in: View Liveblog Microsoft's IT-focused Ignite conference—the one that to many of us is still more familiar as 'TechEd'—starts on Monday. ...   Ars Technica
13:45Fitbit Ionic review: Meet the $300 fitness-focused smartwatch
Video shot by Justin Wolfson (video link) Fitbit has a lot riding on its new $300 Ionic smartwatch. Analyst reports suggest the smartwatch category will continue to grow over the next few years, and Apple and Google already have well-established devices and operating systems. ...   Ars Technica
13:27Report: T-Mobile, Sprint finally figuring out this merger thing
Enlarge T-Mobile USA and Sprint are getting further along in merger talks and are 'close to agreeing [to] tentative terms on a deal,' Reuters reported today, citing anonymous sources. A merger would join the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the US, leaving the country with three major nationwide carriers including Verizon Wireless and AT&T. ...   Ars Technica
12:464K titles on iTunes can only be streamed, not downloaded
Enlarge / The fourth-generation Apple TV. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Apple announced the arrival of more 4K content to iTunes when it introduced the new Apple TV 4K last week. However, those who purchase the new set-top box will be limited in how they can enjoy 4K titles. ...   Ars Technica
11:54London regulator announces Uber ban
(credit: Automobile Italia) London's taxi regulator is revoking Uber's license to operate in the city, the agency announced on its Twitter feed on Friday morning. 'Uber's approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility,' Transport for London wrote. The agency cited Uber's 'approach to reporting serious criminal offenses' as one problem with the company's conduct. ...   Ars Technica
11:00Machine-learning cloud platforms get to work
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) The machine-learning smarts that help Google know what’s in a photo and let Amazon’s Alexa carry on a conversation are getting a real job. “MLî platforms from vendors like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others can automate business processes on a previously impossible scale and free up employees for more creative, thought-intensive work. ...   Ars Technica
10:00Friend Request film review: Another Facebook horror film? Yes—and it’s ...
Marina doesn't like what she sees on a social networking site. And thus, the evil of Friend Request begins. (credit: Warner Bros.) Friend Request is the second 'Facebook horror film' to receive wide release in the past two years. ...   Ars Technica
08:00Another court tells police: Want to use a stingray? Get a warrant
Enlarge (credit: Elvert Barnes) The District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled that the warrantless use of a cell-site simulator violated the Constitution when a man suspected of sexual assault and robbery was located by local police. ...   Ars Technica
08:00Judge overturns local law that effectively banned drones over small...
Enlarge (credit: Andrew Turner) A federal judge in Massachusetts has struck down four key portions of a 2016 municipal ordinance in Newton, a Boston suburb that effectively banned drones. ...   Ars Technica
Thursday September 21, 2017
22:33Verizon kicking people off network for using just a few gigabytes a...
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Spencer Platt) When Verizon Wireless started disconnecting rural customers for using too much data, the nation's largest wireless carrier described them as extremely heavy data users who were costing the company money. ...   Ars Technica
22:08Appeals court: East Texas can’t keep patent case because of one local...
The federal courthouse in Marshall, Texas. (credit: Nicolas Henderson / flickr) Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court sharply limited where patent cases can be filed. For many tech companies that are regularly sued by the type of patent-licensing shops known as 'patent trolls,' the TC Heartland decision was welcome news. ...   Ars Technica
21:20After murder conviction and suicide, Aaron Hernandez found to have...
Enlarge / New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez in January 2013. (credit: Getty | Boston Globe) Former New England Patriots' tight end Aaron Hernandez had a severe case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease associated with repeated head trauma. The finding was announced today in a press conference held by his lawyer, according to the New York Times. ...   Ars Technica
20:57Oil companies sued to pay for cost of rising sea levels, climate change
San Francisco Embarcadero. (credit: David Yu) At least five California municipalities are suing five major oil companies, claiming in public nuisance lawsuits that the firms should pay for the infrastructure costs associated with rising sea levels due to climate change. ...   Ars Technica
20:43CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it first appeared
The recent CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it initially appeared, according to newly unearthed evidence. That evidence shows that the CCleaner malware infected at least 20 computers from a carefully selected list of high-profile technology companies with a mysterious payload. ...   Ars Technica
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Saturday September 23, 2017
07:32Nikolozi updates MIDI Sketch to v1.7 for iOS, Adds iOS 11 Document...
Nikolozi has updated MIDI Sketch for iOS to v1.7. Release Notes: Improved the app look and feel. Added fully featured iOS 11 document browser. Added support for iPad multitasking. The app can [Read More]   KVR Audio
01:00YummyBeats updates AmberWood Drums for Kontakt to v2.0
YummyBeats has updated AmberWood Drums for Kontakt to version 2.0, a free update for current owners. AmberWood Drums features Natural woodstick percussion; organic atmospheres; reversed, metal [Read More]   KVR Audio
Friday September 22, 2017
19:51lmdsp updates Superchord to 1.0.3
lmdsp has updated their Superchord plug-in, adding new features and improvements. Here a some highlights of the update: Scalable user interface. Improved UI with lighting and shadows, etc. Revamped [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:07HoRNet releases CLMS - Constant Loudness Monitor System
HoRNet has released CLMS, a system composed of two different plugins that allows for constant loudness monitoring during mixing and mastering effectively removing the different perception of [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:00Propellerhead announces Reason 10 - 6 new instruments, 1 effect and...
Propellerhead Software has announced Reason 10, the biggest content update ever for Reason owners. Reason 10 features two new synthesizers, three new live-sounding organic instrument devices, [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:27MixVibes updates Remixlive to v3.2 and Cross DJ Free to v3.3 - iOS 11...
MixVibes has released updates for its iOS apps Remixlive and Cross DJ Free. Remixlive 3.2 adds iOS 11's new Drag and Drop feature, letting you exchange files with compatible apps quicker than [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:20GoldWave updated to v6.31
GoldWave, the audio editor application for Windows, has been updated to v6.31. Changes include: Added text search to Find. Added precision context menu to Set Selection up/down controls. Several [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:17AudioThing releases Wave Box - Dynamic Dual Waveshaper for Mac & Win
AudioThing has released Wave Box, a dynamic dual waveshaper plugin that can be used for both symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion. It features two separate waveshapers that can be mixed together [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:16Gahrn Audio releases "Omnisphere Ylem" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Gahrn Audio has released Omnisphere Ylem, a collection of 50 dark, atmospheric textures for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 aimed at ambient and experimental film and game music. The soundset features: [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:11Monocasual Laboratories release Giada "Yeasts" 0.14.3 for Linux,...
Monocasual Laboratories has released Giada 0.14.3 for Linux, Windows and OS X, code name Yeasts, inspired by 'the magical kingdom of fungi'. What's new: Vertically-resizable channels; Lots of [Read More]   KVR Audio
Thursday September 21, 2017
15:08iZotope releases free "Ozone Imager" plug-in for Mac & Win, VST2, ...
iZotope has released Ozone Imager, a free stereo imaging plug-in for your DAW or NLE. Born from Ozone's Imaging technology, Ozone Imager can narrow or widen your stereo image with 'simple controls, [Read More]   KVR Audio updates Qtractor to v0.8.4 - The End of Summer'17 beta... has announced Qtractor v0.8.4 as the End of Summer'17 beta release for Linux. Changes to this so called end-of-season dot release are as follows: Assigned MIDI Controllers to plug-in's [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:02Audio Mind Project releases Free soundsets for LuSH-101, FM8, TAL, and ...
Audio Mind Project has made 10 of their soundsets available to everyone. This means the sounds can now be downloaded free of charge. Users are invited to consider a donation of their choice to [Read More]   KVR Audio
06:57Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime for REAPER to v1.13.0
Helgoboss Projects has updated Playtime, a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER, to version 1.13.0. New features: Support for more controllers. Support for surround recordings. Complete [Read More]   KVR Audio
06:49Sonus Dept. releases Autumn Tales - Free Sound Library for FM8
Sonus Dept. has released Autumn Tales, a free compact sound library for Native Instruments FM8. Autumn Tales features 25 patches ranging from evolving pads to drones and sequenced leads. Special [Read More]   KVR Audio
Wednesday September 20, 2017
15:54Sugar Audio releases Filterizor Q Pro/Free 2D/3D Multi Channel...
Sugar Audio has released Filterizor Q Pro & Free - the multi channel equalizer, filter & effect VST, VST3, AU & AAX audio plug-in, with an introductory discount offer. Here's what [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:52Wobblophones releases Splash for Kontakt with intro offer
Wobblophones has released Splash for Kontakt 5. Splash is a water sound library, quite like a liquid piano that drips and streams in tune. Its precisely captured drops and streams can add an [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:35SKnote release Ch5 Console Emulation Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU &...
SKnote has released Ch5, an emulation of one of the most classic mixing consoles: Several modules are included: Mic channel. Character. Smooth Hipass and Lowpass. Four bands of 'discrete' EQ [Read More]   KVR Audio
15:29Propellerhead releases "Layers" Quadrasonic Sample Player Rack...
Propellerhead has released Layers, a new Reason Rack Extension. Layers Quadrasonic Sample Player is a virtual sample collection of vintage synthesizers, re-imagined in a modern, creative instrument. [Read More]   KVR Audio
13:07Heavyocity releases Calc-U-Synth for Reaktor & Reaktor Player with...
Heavyocity has partnered with Icebreaker Audio to release Calc-U-Synth, a vintage lo-fi synth inspired by the Casio VL-Tone, for Reaktor and Reaktor Player. 'Calc-U-Synth was designed to present [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:43Kush Audio releases Novatron - Varitone Tube Compressor
Kush Audio has released Novatron, an analog-modeled compressor that they say 'borrows so many sonic properties from so many different classing hardware units that, ironically, it could only exist [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:21Eventide & Newfangled Audio release EQuivocate with Free Intro Offer
Eventide has announced the release of EQuivocate, a new plug-in developed by Newfangled Audio. They're giving it away for free until the end of October (then it'll be $99). Perfect for mixing [Read More]   KVR Audio
09:20Digital Brain Instruments updates Batch Pro, Multiplex Vocoder and...
Digital Brain Instruments has announced new 64-bit versions for some of its products: Multiplex Vocoder 2. Transform your favorite VST/AU plugins into a vocoder carrier signal. Talkie Box 2. [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:23Soundcraft by Harman debuts the Vi1000 Digital Mixing Console
Soundcraft by Harman has announced the Vi1000 Digital Mixing Console. Representing the culmination of the achievements and rich feature sets offered by Soundcraft's Vi Series, the new VI1000 [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:15Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v5.7
Native Instruments has updated Kontakt to v5.7. This update adds three new guitar amp models and two additional distortion effects. Kontakt 5.7 also adds enhancements for instrument builders [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:19Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio release SpecOps with Intro Offer
Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio have released SpecOps, which they bill as 'dozens of plugins in one'. Inside its easy-to-use interface is an armory containing 36 diverse and flexible spectral [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:01Deskew Technologies adds Audio File Player plugin to Gig Performer in...
Deskew Technologies has released version 1.8 of their cross-platform audio host plugin for live performance and session musicians. Gig Performer version 1.8 adds a new Audio File Player plugin [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Saturday September 23, 2017
23:32Guitar Tricks Inc. releases Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks v1.3.7
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: Get the FREE guitar lessons app from and learn to play guitar the EASY way! Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks is for everyone, from beginner guitarists that have never picked up a guitar, to advanced guitarists that want to perfect their...   440Software
20:36Musikeys releases Scales Tutor for iPhone v2.2.3
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Scales Tutor by MusiKeys offers both step by step instruction for beginners with some musical knowledge, and brush up reviews for those who are a bit rusty in their knowledge of major and minor key signatures and scales. Users can easily navigate...   440Software
14:06Yongerp releases Automatic Music Transcribe v1.80
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: 'Transcribe is now as easy as record a music and see her notes I need real time!' Email me at if you need support. Have you want to play the music you have just hear? With this revolutionary app, you can. Record the music and read her notes...   440Software
Friday September 22, 2017 releases Fretuoso - Guitar Edition v6.0.5
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: An educational game to learn the location of notes on the fretboard of the guitar and other stringed instruments. Ten instruments are available, including bass (4/5/6 strings), mandolin, ukulele and banjo. You are presented with a random note on the...   440Software
15:19Mogees Ltd. releases Mogees Pro v1.8.1
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: This app requires a Mogees Pro or Play sensor, available from Mogees combines a vibration sensor with revolutionary music software, transforming any object into a unique musical instrument. Turn a tree into a harp. Turn a table into a...   440Software
10:38Markus Sigg releases Jeux d'orgues Mini v5.6
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: Use a MIDI keyboard to play with a subset of the famous Jeux d'orgues 2 pipe organ sampleset of Joseph Basquin on your iOS device. Jeux d'orgues Mini is a free version of the Jeux d'orgues virtual organ app. Apart from the reduced selection of stops, it has...   440Software
05:57Mad Calf Apps releases Tiny Drums v1.4
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Tiny Drums Real drummers need real drums. When you can't get behind your kit, Tiny Drums is the next best thing. This app has some majorly BIG sounds. The first two kits were recorded live in a studio in Nashville by Chris Haston & Nick Culbertson. FEATURES:...   440Software
Thursday September 21, 2017
20:35Brian Hughes releases Speedy Note: Bass Clef v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: Speedy Note - Bass Clef Sight Reading teaches you to read the Bass Clef (F Clef) in an interactive, fun and competitive game environment. Great for beginners to advanced, children or adults. Master the six levels and you have mastered the Bass Clef!...   440Software
08:11Hidenori Matsuoka releases PET Bottling v1.5.3
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Percussions: PET Bottling is a real percussion instrument using the PET bottle. You can play a acoustic instrument as like real PET bottle. And you can play 624 each sounds recorded from only one PET bottle. If you are professional, you can use your live or recording....   440Software
05:14ZOOM Corporation releases HandyRecorder v2.6.0.72
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing: The HandyRecorder app allows you to record high-quality audio with your iOS device. Use it with a ZOOM iQ5 mic, which is designed to capture audio of the best quality with iOS devices, and record using the high-fidelity linear PCM and space-saving AAC formats....   440Software
Wednesday September 20, 2017
23:20MEET Studio releases 酷�盘 v6.7.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Multi-Instruments: “我ä¸Â?懂音ä¹Â?,但我有一é¢â€î追寻音ä¹Â?梦想çšâ€û心â€Â?...   440Software
20:22Massimo Biolcati releases iReal Pro v8.0.2
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your...   440Software
14:08Brian Hughes releases Speedy Note: Tenor Clef v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: Speedy Note: Tenor Clef teaches you to read the Tenor Clef (C Clef) in an interactive, fun and competitive game environment. Great for beginners to advanced, children or adults. Master the six levels and you have mastered the Tenor Clef! Compete with...   440Software
08:16Brian Hughes releases Speedy Note: Alto Clef v1.6
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: Speedy Note - Alto Clef Sight Reading teaches you to read the Alto Clef (C Clef) in an interactive, fun and competitive game environment. Great for beginners to advanced, children or adults. Master the six levels and you have mastered the Alto Clef!...   440Software
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